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"Pose" (na STET), uma fotógrafa holandesa no Uganda: Andrea Stultiens

Pose, Ugandan Images
Photography and text: Andrea Stultiens
Graphic Design: Andrea Stultiens i.c.w. Marloes de Laat
Wire Stitched, 56 pages, 17.2x23.7 cm
ISBN 9789460830303
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€15,-- (Netherlands), €17,50 (Europe), €19,50 (outside Europe)
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Most Ugandans are unable to take a holiday. But it is possible for them to have photos taken with a better world in the background once a year.
Pose (Ugandan Images) shows us the photo studios of East-African Uganda as places where one can escape from reality for a short while. In this book, the reader can reconstruct the small studio space by folding out panoramic photos. Pose shows us what we are made to see, rather than what the world actually looks like. Or not?

In 2009, Andrea Stultiens received the Bouw in Beeld prize for Pose.
On the occasion of the exhibition and the publication of The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, her work Pose is now published in a notebook size (cahier).
"Xanadu, Where Are You?"
Pose (Ugandan Images)

Dutch artist and photographer, Andrea Stultiens takes a look at this particular juncture of portraiture photography and fantastical backdrops as found in the East African nation of Uganda in her book titled Pose (Ugandan Images). At first look the images appear nostalgic and soft, with a texture similar to photos that have aged with time and exposure. However, her photographs speak to the deeper issue of socio-economics, of the haves and the have nots. About how people who are unable to take vacations, resort to portraiture to transport themselves to their idyllic holiday spot, by the river, overlooking the sea etc. for that touristy snapshot that they can look on throughout the year.
Desire regardless of what form it takes is something influenced by our environment. Stultiens focuses on this area, this space where we take control of that environment and how we then “mould it into a fictional variant of ‘real life’ “and use photography to document it for posterity. ‘Pose’ is quite subtle yet very effective in beautifully illustrating this need to create a dream version of life that somehow looks more pretty.
Pose (Ugandan Images)

trazido da Stet: uma descoberta

a "on demand edition"...
Crafted, A book about Making and Taking
The craft industry represents and literally sells a country’s qualities. It is an industry in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector that makes use of the natural resources of a specific place. It refines those resources and sells them to tourists as a token of remembrance. This book shows the entire value chain in relation to Uganda, a country that has a thriving crafts industry with many Ugandans as well as foreigners involved.
‘Crafted’ deals with the production of the representation of a specific place in an age of globalisation.
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